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Imagine this: A Dutch red-haired singer and a producer from Los Angeles virtually collaborating on an international Greenpeace commercial. The two have never met, nor spoken to each other before. Still, by merely exchanging audio tracks online, producer Larry Burns is struck by the uncommon vocals that have been sent to him. After years of auditions for the right vocalist, he swears to have finally found his muse. By e-mail.


A week after having send off her vocals, singer Adriana Nova heads to the airport to catch a planned flight… But ends up missing her plane. Refusing to sob over her ‘bad day’, Adriana decides to pop by at the commercial’s release party that same evening. At arrival she finds a man waiting in front of the entrance. Locked outside of the building, Larry can’t get back in, because he has forgotten his phone. The two start a peculiar chit-chat: “One of the first things Larry said to me was: ‘You’ve got a high squeaky voice with a fast vibrato.’ I didn’t know whether it was a compliment or not,” Adriana recalls.

Larry invites Adriana over to his studio in Amsterdam: “I had a few songs laying around, she sang a bit. It was, like, instant magic. Instant karma.” And it doesn’t take long until the songwriting duo decides to start a new chapter and a new band: ‘Hello April’, inspired by springtime’s bittersweetness.


The following months Adriana and Larry put their efforts into recording a debut EP. Adriana: “One day we had spent hours in the recording room, trying to get the right vibe. We ordered some take-out Thai food, which took over an hour. As we were waiting on the couch in the studio, I felt like my head was going to explode. Suddenly, Larry started playing around with a few chords. I grabbed a piece of paper. Before our meal was delivered we had written the debut single, ‘Fall’.”

The single is released in April 2012. Meanwhile, Hello April is also working on putting together a five-piece band and is rapidly taking the stage at renowned Dutch venues (Paradiso, Sugarfactory, Bibelot, Duycker), playing festivals (deBeschaving, Stukafest), and making radio appearances (3FM, SLAM!FM).

Their self-debut EP, released in November 2012, receives a four-star review from pop magazine LiveXS, that names the Amsterdam-based act ‘Local Heroes of 2013′. As the band with most audience votes, Hello April also wins a performance at the LiveXS Crystal Ball in Melkweg. More recent praise includes a review from the online music magazine “Written in Music”.

Things are really starting to shape up as their catchy songs are getting featured in commercials from Pepsi, Philips Germany, Olympus and Kia.


American sound. Characteristic vocals. Quirky lyrics. Tweaky effects. Loud guitars. The band’s music is often described as ‘indie with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude’. At the heart of the Dutch-American act are songwriters Larry, with a background as a guitarist in an alternative band from LA, and Adriana, daughter of a rock musician and magician. Influenced by the music scene in both Los Angeles and Amsterdam, Hello April brings two worlds together into one distinctive, contemporary sound. Defined with words as ‘lively’, ‘genuine’, ‘charming’, ‘cheeky’, ‘polished’, ‘clever’ and ‘grand yet modest’, the music ultimately speaks for itself.


LiveXS ‘Local Hero’ 2013, Nomination Rob Acda Award 2013/2014; Paradiso, Sugarfactory, Bibelot, Duycker; 3FM, SLAM!FM; Festival deBeschaving, Stukafest; Commercials from Kia, Pepsi, Philips, and Olympus.